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Users and followers of online Celtic Fans Media will be well aware of the rich and diverse body of writers, commentators and Poets we have in our support. The amazing fact is that 98% of these people are not professional writers they are just ordinary Celtic supporters who use social media to express their feelings and passion for our club.
As we all know the founding of the club is firmly anchored in charity and the well being those less fortunate. With this in mind and to coincide with our Clubs 125 year celebration a group of Celtic fans have embarked on creating The Celtic Anthology.
Q. What is the Celtic Anthology Project ?
A. The Anthology project as a means to raise money for our club’s 1254125 charity challenge for each fan to raise £125 for charity http://www.celticfc.net/1254125 . We thought it would be a great idea to do something that not only raised a significant amount of money but also to add to the rich tapestry of Celtic FC.
Not everyone can climb Ben Nevis, Cycle 125 miles or run a marathon but everyone does have a story to tell. Therefore we are inviting Celtic Supporters young and old, male and female to contribute a story or poem about their experience of living with Celtic in their lives. This could take any form. It could be your favourite match, favourite memory, a piece of fiction, a family story, a trip to a game at home or abroad etc. Basically anything you feel you would like to put down in writing or in a poem and share with the world.
We hope to gather enough stories and poems to fill a decent size book which will then be published with all profits going to the 1254125 charity.
If you would like to contribute or wish any more information please contact us via our Contact form or email celticanthology@gmail.com.
We believe this is a fantastic chance to help the charity and leave something for future generations of Celtic supporters to read.
You can follow us on Twitter: @CelticAnthology   or on Facebook: Celtic Anthology
Thank you for visiting.
The Celtic Anthology team.
@oldpesky , @LWordsmith , @BroganRoganTrev & @CelticNetwork11

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